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Financial Planning for Physicians

We know physicians measure success by patient outcomes, not profit.

We also know that wealth management and legacy planning can be more complex for physicians. The journey to financial stability for physicians often requires overwhelming investments of time, education, and debt.

Luckily, we understand what makes your profession--and your finances--unique. When we take on the heavy lifting of financial planning, you can focus on your main objective: providing medicine and healing to your patients.

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We help physicians navigate complex financial challenges, including: 

Shortened earning cycles

Medical school debt

Financial stress, despite earning a high income

Feeling behind in retirement planning

Lacking clarity in how much to spend or save

Dedicating time caring for others rather than attending to their own financial health

At TAG, we measure our success by client outcomes, too. That’s why we work closely with physicians and their families to understand their unique financial challenges and goals. Then, we customize a plan to guide physicians through retirement, investment, and wealth building--helping them strive for holistic financial health.

<b>Why Physicians Work With TAG</b>

Why Physicians Work With TAG

  • Receive sophisticated wealth management with an individualized approach
  • Uncover your goals and understand how important events impact your career as a physician
  • Optimize your lifestyle outside of your time-intensive profession
  • Create a legacy for your family or philanthropic passions
  • Find peace of mind so you can focus on what matters: caring for your patients

To learn more about why our physician clients love working with us, begin a conversation today.

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How We Serve Physicians

At Tennyson Advisory Group, we create a tailored road map to help you work toward making your financial goals a reality.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Your vision of retirement likely differs from that of your peers in other industries with different goals. That's why we created RetireReady–to engage physicians with a custom process that prepares you for retirement step-by-step.

Your personal retirement roadmap addresses the wants, needs, and goals unique to you and your family. Even if you are still in the thick of your career as a physician, we will prepare you to navigate potential surprises that could threaten your retirement future.

Financial Advising

Financial Advising

Your financial advisor needs to understand the financial nuances involved with medical professions. Should you pay off medical school debt or invest? How can you repay student loans in a timely manner? What investment risks are you willing to take based on what stage you’re at in your career?

We can help you answer these questions and myriad more about your finances. We also measure and track progress to keep you informed as you strive for their short and long term financial goals.

Financial Advising
Wealth Management

Wealth Management

With generous compensation comes great responsibility. Together, we can build an investment strategy centered on low expenses and heightened tax awareness.

We’ll help you allocate your capital to fund priorities such as college, opening a practice, and retirement. And we will uncover what it means for you to have a life you love–inside AND outside the hospital.

Wealth Management
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