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Financial Planning for Business Owners

When your business is your largest asset, financial planning is more complex. 

Business owners and entrepreneurs have the drive, commitment, and resilience to carry out a long term strategy. But for many, that strategy has meant prioritizing the growing value of their business rather than their personal wealth. Many successful entrepreneurs approach retirement with their net worth tied up in their biggest asset and wealth generator: their business. And as revenue and income grow, it adds complexity to creating a holistic financial plan. 

At TAG, we provide business owners a financial strategy that allows them to work toward generating personal wealth beyond their businesses. We strive to help our clients continue investing in their business while simultaneously considering asset protection, retirement, succession, tax management, wealth accumulation, and legacy planning. 

Our philosophy? Add value to your business; grow your personal wealth. That sounds like a win-win to us.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it. 

Peter Drucker

TAG's Strategy for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

No two businesses or clients are exactly the same. That’s why we create a tailored strategy for every client, designed to meet the unique challenges business owners face.

Retirement and Exit Planning

Retirement and Exit Planning

Business owners often juggle complicated financial questions as they approach retirement. Will I sell? What is the value of my business? Where does my income come from during retirement? How do I continue the legacy I worked to build? 

This is especially complex when most of your net income is directly tied to your business. While your business has generated wealth that helps fund your retirement, you’ll need a clear strategy to unlock your assets and turn them into retirement income. 

We help business owners who want to sell create a pathway to exit and retirement. We also help business owners grow personal wealth to fund retirement through tax-friendly strategies. No matter your path to retirement, we take a proactive, holistic approach that considers the wellbeing of your business, your family, and your legacy.

Tax Management

Tax Management

Tax management is fundamental to business owners in both their business and personal finances. Businesses that lack a tax strategy may find themselves paying more than they’re required to in taxes or being surprised by a tax bill that stunts business growth. 

We help our business clients become tax strategic as they accumulate wealth and transition into retirement. By the time you’re ready to use your hard-earned assets to fund your retirement, we will have created a tax-friendly income stream to help you live out your retirement years in the way you envisioned.

Wealth Accumulation

Wealth Accumulation

We help business owners preserve and accumulate wealth throughout their career, retirement, and beyond. We take your business and personal financial goals into consideration as we create a custom investment strategy. 

We embark on a deep analysis of your entire asset portfolio, then strive to find ways to add value, reduce out-of-pocket costs, assess and manage risk, and grow your overall wealth. Our asset accumulation strategies can even allow business owners to continue investing value in their businesses throughout their retirement.

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Although end-of-life issues are difficult to discuss, legacy planning is an essential part of a business owner’s wealth management resources. After all, you’ve spent your life and career bringing your business vision to life, generating wealth, and likely supporting your family and employees’ families through your entrepreneurship. A legacy plan helps the continuity of the wealth you generated.  Even more, it helps preserve and grow the values, ideals and integrity that stood at the foundation of your success.

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