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Financial Planning for Executives

    Successful executives face unique challenges. TAG can help

For most executives, your wealth is linked to the success of your company. This often means that a substantial part of your net worth is heavily allocated to company stock, stock options and RSUs. While executive compensation can be complex, we can partner with you to Integrate your compensation package, employer stock and other assets into a financial plan that helps bring all of these moving parts together in a way that you can understand and visualize.  

Our TAG Approach to Executive Planning will address your most important priorities, such as compensation, maximizing your employer benefits, tax-efficient strategies in retirement, asset protection, multigenerational planning & estate planning.



Executives have multiple layers of income, and failure to understand how each area of compensation works can be harmful to your financial security. What happens to your equity awards if you retire early or leave your job? What happens with your performance shares when company goals are realized and when they are not? What is the difference between Restricted Stock and Restricted Stock Units? How does a Deferred Comp Plan work?

Employer Benefits

Employer Benefits

We find that most people do not fully comprehend the extent of their benefits provided by the employer, or how to determine which choices to make. For example, should you contribute to a Roth 401k? Are you allowed to add additional non-deductible contributions within your plan that can potentially be converted into a Roth? What happens with your Deferred Comp Plan when you retire or leave the company? How do you create a withdrawal strategy in the most tax efficient way?

Client Centered

Asset Allocation

We will factor in your employer stock and future expectations into a plan that also integrates your other assets. In doing so, we can provide better advice and help you manage investment risk within your balance sheet by stress testing portfolios and making tailored recommendations to help address your diversification and tax sensitivity needs focused on your long-term goals.

Asset Protection

Did you know that each state determines which types of assets are protected by creditors and by how much? The last thing you want is an unforeseen accident or an opportunist that subjects your assets to liability exposure. We can help guide you on strategies that will help protect your assets and have long-term financial security.

Tennyson Advisory Group can help answer these complicated questions and build a fundamental understanding of how all of this impacts you and your family. Our Financial Planning Process for Executives will create your own personal wealth management portal to help keep you financially organized and informed. Not only will you have a Personal Balance Sheet that is automatically updated every day, but you will have a powerful platform to help you better understand your cash flow, asset allocation, tax planning and so much more within a comprehensive plan.