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RetireReady, developed by Tennyson Advisory Group, is an engaging planning process used to create a personalized retirement roadmap.  We know that each client is different, and therefore requires a tailored plan built to address your own unique opportunities and circumstances. Whether you are already retired or 15 years away from this exciting life transition, Tennyson is here to help.

To address the various challenges retirees face today, the RetireReady process will organize your financial life and proactively prepare you to navigate the most threatening and often unknown risks that expose your goals to failure.

Most traditional retirement plans do not go far enough and are often used to create generic advice. Gone are the days of just knowing how much to have saved while depending on pensions and social security to fill the gap. While addressing rising life expectancies and future healthcare costs is a critical element of a retirement plan, this short, yet important, list of topics is not comprehensive enough for today’s retirees.

The RetireReady process takes a holistic approach to your personal wants, needs and wishes to deliver a roadmap to address the following:

  • Uncovering your expected retirement lifestyle and the costs to fund it.
  • Cash flow analysis to discover all current and potential sources of income and an income gap assessment.
  • Risk analysis, including risk tolerance, risk budget and the needed amount of risk required to achieve your goals.
  • Investment analysis and recommendations to reduce portfolio drawdown and the impact of market volatility.
  • Custom investment recommendations that segment assets into buckets to help reduce the sequence of return exposure and the risk of compounding losses.
  • Implications of asset allocation and asset location strategies.
  • Goals based investment advice, segmenting portfolios for specific purposes to reduce risk to the overall plan.
  • Optimizing assets to reduce taxes while preparing for the potential for increased tax rates in the future.
  • Preparation for an extended life expectancy
  • The impact of higher than expected inflation on the overall plan.
  • The risk of increased taxes and creating tax-advantage sources of income to better manage tax brackets.
  • Healthcare planning, such as Medicare and long-term care funding.
  • Social Security timing and maximization strategies.
  • Maximizing your Legacy in the most tax efficient way possible.
  • Review of current estate planning documents to ensure assets and medical wishes are executed with the purpose of relieving family conflicts.
  • Most important, implementing your personal wealth management website, Wealth Hub, to bring all of these moving pieces together to provide financial organization and a means to track your plan and so much more.

While this may seem overwhelming, it highlights the importance of having a financial partner that is dedicated to this ever-changing landscape. Tennyson Advisory Group is committed to handling the heavy lifting and delivering advice that is easy to understand and implement.

We just have one question: Are you RetireReady?