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About Us

As an independent wealth management practice, Tennyson Advisory Group is dedicated to deliver holistic wealth management / financial plans to each of our valued clients. We do this by bringing our in-depth knowledge of retirement planning, income distribution planning and risk management to each individual client relationship. This focus, coupled with our team of dedicated planners, allows our clients to focus on their passions and life's purpose, while we do the heavy lifting.

The TAG Planning Process was created to allow hard working individuals / families the opportunity to discover what is most important to themselves and their families. This is done by creating a customized plan that allows clients to visualize where they are today, while incorporating their future goals and dreams of tomorrow. This proven planning process allows our clients the peace of mind to continue to focus on the challenges of their daily life, as we collaborate as a team of professionals to help plan for years well into the future.

As diverse planners, we work with individuals of all walks of life. While many of our clients are physicians, business owners, legal & IT professionals and those who are near or recently retired, we are best suited to work with the individuals and families that have the following characteristics:

  • Value holistic wealth management planning, as we are only as good as the sum of all the parts.
  • A willingness to embrace technology to create additional clarity, organization and transparency.
  • The commitment to embrace The TAG Planning Process to discover, create and implement our clients vision.